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Her previous research mainly tackled Android security. Asokan joined the David R. Cheriton Chair in Software Systems. Between andhe worked in industrial research laboratories designing and building secure systems, first at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory as a Research Staff Member and then at Nokia Research Center, most recently as Distinguished Researcher. Shalev Ben-David joined the David R.

university of waterloo

Trevor Brown joined the David R. He works in the area of multicore computing both systems and theory. His current research focuses on non-uniform memory architectures, memory management, lock-free synchronization, distributed data structures, non-volatile memory and transactional memory. Toshiya Hachisuka will be joining the David R.

He received a Ph. His research interests include light transport simulation, computational statistics, numerical analysis, and physically based animation.

He has a number of publications spanning across these topics in the area of computer graphics. Xi He joined the David R. Ashwin Machanavajjhala. Her research interests span the areas of privacy and security for big-data management and analysis. Rafael Oliveira joined the David R. In particular, he is interested in the interplay between algebra, analysis, combinatorics and complexity theory.

Chengnian Sun joined the David R. Before joining the David R. Optimization techniques are of fundamental importance to computer vision problems. Yizhou Zhang will be joining the David R.

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Yizhou has an M. His research lies at the intersection of information visualization, human-computer interaction and data science. He develops advanced visualizations that promote the interplay between human and machine. He focuses primarily on designing interactive visualization techniques to support complex analytical workflows: from exploratory data analysis, to model curation and explanation, and to insight communication and storytelling. He has received multiple paper awards at top-tier venues and holds more than a dozen patents.

David R. Skip to main Skip to footer. Cheriton School of Computer Science. Future undergraduates Current undergraduates Future graduate students Current graduate students.

Cheriton School of Computer Science Our people. Yousra Aafer Assistant Professor. Link to Profile:.Where its Computer Science, Maths and Engineering courses compete in the list of top 50 in the world, its co-op programs are one of the best in the country and are equally remarkable in every sense. Admission to the University of Waterloo are available during the months of April-May and are regulated via a very strict entrance process.

university of waterloo

Believing experience is the real teacher, this entrepreneurship-oriented institute of higher education in Canada guarantees a beyond classroom learning to its applicants.

The employment rate of almost The University follows a holistic approach towards admissions and demands the best of the best. All the related information relevant for aspirants is compiled as follows:.

The various programs offered at the university are comprehensive programs based on real-world experience. Some of the popular courses favourite among students are mentioned below:. Program-wise student enrollment for some of the highly-regarded courses at the university is depicted in the graph below. Admission to first-year students are offered around the world only for the term scheduled to begin in the month of September. The upcoming deadlines for seeking admission at the University are as follows:.

NOTE: Applications might be considered post the above mentioned deadlines till the availability of seats in corresponding programs. The university's main campus lies in the city of WaterlooOntario in the huge area of hectares. With 3 numbered roads intersecting the main campus, it is easily accessible via public transport.

Majority of the teaching facilities available at the institute are centred on a ring road which lies in its southern area. While most of the campus buildings are new, there are buildings that send nostalgic vibes and are as old as 19th century. With more than academic, charitable, social, political, sports, and cultural student clubs, and over volunteer servicesthe university campus is a thriving site of learning and growth.

On-campus meals comprising halal, kosher, vegan, vegetarian and customised options are a must try by every on-campus resident. Offers both on-campus and off-campus accommodation options to its aspirants which are available in different styles and with different facilities at varying prices.

Candidates can choose the availability option as per their needs and pocket. The university guarantees on-campus residence to its 1st year students plus the added benefits of personal and academic support in a culturally enriching environment. The accommodation is offered in either the main residences or the 4 on-campus University Collegeswith the student capacity of to 1, and torespectively.

The available residencies have various alternatives like single and double-sharing rooms, apartments or suites and traditional dorm-style rooms to choose from. The on-campus accommodation depending upon the term, hall and room of choice is:.

University of Waterloo

The institute also provides off-campus housing and homestays option to candidates who want to live near campus yet experience their privacy by not exactly staying on campus.

The average rent in the city is cheap and easy, especially in the summers, and quite affordable for the ones who can cook their own meals. The estimated cost of off-campus housing with basic utilities is as mentioned below:.Databases are organized and searchable collections of information such as articles, newspapers, and datasets. Once you find an appropriate database, get tips on finding journal articles on a topic. We want to hear from you. You're viewing the newest version of the Library's website.

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university of waterloo

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university of waterloo

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GMAT requirements for universities worldwide. GRE requirements for universities worldwide. GRE Quantitative requirements for universities worldwide. GRE Verbal requirements for universities worldwide. Compare entrance score requirements of University of Waterloo with other universities. Contact our consultants for further assistance.

Meirbek is currently attending University of Toronto. My counselors were always there to support me with my applications. Canadian applications were confusing with different requirements and process for each university. Roshan and Varun gave me the right guidance on the universities I should apply to, and also with the course requirements. There were multiple stages to the application process, and they supported me till I enrolled at the university.

Thanks a lot for all the support. Universities acceptance rate worldwide. Student faculty ratio of universities globally.Is the University of Waterloo your dream school. If so, then this article is what you need to get admitted to this prestigious school. In this article lies all the details you need to know before getting admission into the University of Waterloo. Students can earn money and explore careers before you graduate through their global network of 7, co-op employers.

Hence, it is necessary to know the acceptance rate of this school so it will be easier for you to get admission. Also, this article will show you the admission requirements as well as how to apply for admission.

The University of Waterloo is a public research university with the main campus in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Established inthe University of Waterloo is amongst the best universities in Canada. The University of Waterloo has laid down several eligibility points, which candidates need to fulfill.

These requirements range from general requirements to program specific requirements. Precisely, candidates need to fulfill the following points, to get admission at the University of Waterloo: —. Being a university in CanadaEnglish is the only language that is used for academic and official purposes at UWaterloo. Therefore, a candidate desirous of studying at UWaterloo has to be proficient in the language. International candidates can prove their efficiency in the English Language by achieving good and acceptable scores in various English Proficiency Tests.

The University of Waterloo maintains a high standard for its batch quality and admits students with good academic records in the past. Also, some of the courses come with their own specific requirements, which candidates need to fulfill.

Candidates having a good academic history are eligible for scholarships also. Thus, the university makes sure that candidates get handsome benefits for their brilliant performances in the past. The majority of the admission at the university is done for the Fall term. The classes or lectures in the fall term start in Early September.

Application deadline for International Students is March The last date to submit documents to UWaterloo for international students is April 6th. In case enough number of applications are not received for a particular course, the deadlines can be extended also.

Our People - Professors

Applications received after the deadlines will only be considered if the seats are not filled. For Graduate courses, the deadlines depend on the course which a candidate is selecting.

Admission Process at the University of Waterloo is straightforward and well defined. Candidates do get complete guidance on how to apply to the university.

Admission process, right from submitting your application to accepting the offers, looks like this: —. Although all the important details of candidates like their grades will get mentioned in the F form, the Admission Information Form adds something extra to your application. Admission Information Form, later on, becomes an important document for Faculty Scholarships also. Therefore, candidates must fill this form. This form enables foreign candidates to apply to multiple universities of Ontario, from a single application.

There is a basic fee of CAD that is to be paid by the candidates to use this form. The university has not defined that how an application is considered for Undergraduate Admissions.Math Circles is a weekly enrichment activity for grade 6 to 12 students organized by the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Waterloo.

These resources are provided for both students and teachers. Please use them! Information about the audience, dates and location. Ruler Compass [ pdfsolns ] Complex Numbers [ pdfsolns ] Exponentiation [ pdfsolns ] Pythagorean Theorem [ pdfsolns ] Inequalities [ pdfsolns ] Cryptography [ pdfsolns ] Gauss Prep [ pdfprob setsolns ] Math Jeopardy [ pdfsolns ]. Mental Math [ pdfsolns ] Circuits [ pdfsolns ] Geometry [ pdfsolns ] Mathematicial Magic [ pdf ] Math of Voting [ pdfsolns ] Types of Numbers [ pdfsolns ] Word Problems [pdfsolns ] Jeopardy [ pdfsolns ].

The University of Waterloo is a trap

Mathematical Puzzles [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Continued Fractions [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Sequences [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Visual Group Theory [ pdfsolnsvideo ] The Matrix [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Combinatorial Counting [ pdfsolns ] Areas of Triangles [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Math Jeopardy [ pdfsolnsvideo ]. Greek Constructions [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Graph Theory [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Computer Science Algorithms [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Combinatorial Games [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Escher Tessellations [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Logic [ pdfsolnsvideo] Knot Theory [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Review [ pdfsolns ].

Logic Puzzles [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Modular Arithmetic [pdfsolnsvideo ] Create Your Own Business [ pdfvideo ] Number Theory [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Word Problems [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Physics [ pdfsolnsvideo] Mathematical Thinking [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Review [ pdfsolns ].

Exponents and Roots [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Angles [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Sequence [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Series [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Pythagorean Theorem [ pdfsolnsvideo ] How We Make Money [ pdfsolnsvideo] Game Theory [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Gauss Prep [ pdfsolns ].

Arithmetic Aerobics [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Pi [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Circle Geometry [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Kinematics [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Types of Numbers [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Number Theory [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Cryptography [ pdfsolnsvideo ] Math Jeopardy [ pdfsolns ].

Sequences and Series [ pdfsolns ] Sets and Venn Diagrams [ pdfsolns ] Counting [ pdfsolns ] Geometric Arithmetic [ pdfsolns ] Cryptography [ pdfsolns ] Factors and Primes [ pdfsolns ] Probability [ pdfsolns ] Gauss Math Contest [ pdfsolns ].

Mental Division [ pdfsolns ] Modular Arithmetic [ pdfsolns ] Prime Numbers [ pdfsolns ] Fractals [ pdfsolns ] Dimensional Analysis [ pdfsolns ] Logic Puzzles [ pdfsolns ] Polygonal Numbers [ pdfsolns ] Jeopardy [ pdfsolns ].The Canadian Computing Competition CCC is a fun challenge for secondary school students with an interest in programming.

It is an opportunity for students to test their ability in designing, understanding and implementing algorithms. Junior Level — any student with elementary programming skills Senior Level — any student with intermediate to advanced programming skills. The CCC is held online in February. The CCO is invitation only and held in May. See details for current year.

Schools can register for contests online by the deadline. View fees. Schools that have not registered for previous contests are encouraged to participate, and can start by filling out a New School Application form. The contest is completed online in schools. More information for the supervising teachers is available. Please also see more details about the competition including:.

If you are interested in participating in the CCC but have not learned how to program, then you might want to investigate CS Circles. Teachers can access their results and generate certificates. We recognize top-performing students. This week-long event involves workshops, a contest and other extra-curricular activities. Audience Junior Level — any student with elementary programming skills Senior Level — any student with intermediate to advanced programming skills Any student may choose to write any level Junior or Senior of the contest.

Contest Registration Information Schools can register for contests online by the deadline. Detailed Information The contest is completed online in schools. Please also see more details about the competition including: structure programming languages allowed rules format Preparation and Online Grader We encourage students to prepare. Places to begin include: CCC Online Grader which houses free access to practice and previous contests copies of past competitions, solutions and test data the book Programming Challenges by Skiena and Revilla published by Springer — a nice introduction to common computing competition algorithmic problems example programs illustrating input and output links to useful software If you are interested in participating in the CCC but have not learned how to program, then you might want to investigate CS Circles.

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