Galaxy note 10 apps

There is no doubt about the fact that every Samsung phone is a complete delight to use! To get more out of these smartphones, the best one is the use of 3 rd party apps. They may seem to be a complete package but no matter how careful the developers are, there is always a chance of some kind of shortcoming. However, there is always a solution. Yes, there are many apps that you can download and enjoy all the exciting features of the smartphone. Get ready to make the most of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with the apps we mention in this list.

We hope that our readers would like these applications. The camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is simply superb and you can easily capture wide-angle shots. If you really want to make the most of the photos captured by Note 10, you have to download Snapseed from Google Play Store! Snapseed is a full-on professional photo editor app that is available free of cost.

If you are doing it for fun, all you need to do is simply click pics from your Note 10 and apply the filters available in Snapseed.

This will make your photos ready to be shared on social media! On the other hand, if you are a professional photographer, Snapseed is definitely the right tool for you. The app has advanced editing features that you need for working on your images at the professional level.

TOP 12 ESSENTIAL Galaxy Note 10 & 10 Plus TIPS! - The Tech Chap

The keyboard provided by Samsung is amazing and you can get all the typing done easily with it. The Samsung keyboard has a handwriting pad that converts your handwritten content into text. If you are not actively using this feature, you can consider going in for another keyboard app.

The real strength of any keyboard is judged by its word and phrase prediction ability. Therefore, if you are on a lookout for a smarter keyboard that has auto-correct, gesture typing and a lot more to offer, you should choose the SwiftKey app.

From the house of Microsoft, this app learns your style of writing and thereby helps you type faster. Apart from text, it helps you send GIFs and emojis too. SwiftKey matches your typing style by learning the nicknames you use, the frequently used emojis as well as your slang.

This way your near and dear ones can receive the right reactions! The app also has free themes and designs to cater to different tastes. It has predictions and auto-correct that works well and hence helps you send error-free messages.

Make the most of your Galaxy Note 10 with SwiftKey! In case you are not happy with the existing media player on your Note 10, you can give KM Player a shot. It is different from most stock players as it extends support to all the popular media formats. Moreover, you can smoothly play 4K HDR videos on it. It has exciting features like network streaming and speed control. It even plays offline music for you.

7 Top Apps for Galaxy Note 10 / Galaxy Note 10+

If listening to music and watching videos is what you like, then this app is definitely for you. Do you find transferring files from one phone to another a hassle?

We have your back! Download ShareMe and see how easy your life becomes! This ad-free phone to phone file transfer app does not need the internet. The app will not eat away your mobile data and that seems like a huge pro! ShareMe supports Android phones and the file transferring speed is times faster than that of the Bluetooth. There are absolutely no cumbersome steps to follow.

You can share a file with simply one tap.This is more than a common issue. People usually face this type of issue where the apps keep reloading after a software update. And there are several issues out there that come across after software update which comes as a complementary bug. Well, no need to worry about it. Anyone else? Started after official 10 update.

Cleared sys cache already. Method 1: Close an app using Recent Apps key.

galaxy note 10 apps

Method 2: Close an app using App Info menu. If you are on Cellular Data connection, we suggest that you update via wifi only to avoid additional charges. Another way to easily uninstall an app is by going to the Home or Apps screen and holding the app icon. Once the app has been uninstalled, restart the device and reinstall it to check for the problem again. Well, I think you already know how to restart your phone. So just restart the device and see whether it solves the issue or not.

Restarting a device is always an ultimate solution for any issue. Not only Galaxy but this applies to each and every electronic device. I used to tell my mom to restart her device if she faces any issue with her smartphone. On the screen, tap Restart. Rebooting your device regularly at least once every week can be beneficial.

If you tend to forget things, we suggest that you configure your phone to reboot on its own. You can schedule it to do this task by doing these steps:. Recovery Mode refers to a special bootable partition, which contains a recovery application installed in it.

And you can fix some problems with your phone. Follow the steps to clear cache from recovery mode:. Here are a few things that are needed to take care while updating your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or any device:. If your Galaxy Note 10 is slow and has become uncomfortably warm to touch, the device may be overheating.

In this state, one of the side effects is slow performance.

galaxy note 10 apps

What you must do is to let the phone cool down for at least 30 minutes. If the problem goes away once the device has cooled off, you must prevent your Note 10 to become overheated next time. By doing this we can figure out which app is occurring the problem. Follow the below step to turn Safe Mode on:. After figuring out the apps which are creating the problem, follow the below steps to uninstall it if required :. If needed, they may send it in for repair or replacement.Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more!

10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 /Note 10+

The Future changes shape! Meet the new Samsung smartphone! I've attempted to forward this information to Samsung but not sure if that'll be dealt with due to co-vid They also should have kept the fingerprint animation if you ask me. Not sure if the latest update was thoroughly looked over, but I'm suspecting more. Has anyone else noticed anything odd after the latest update? How the wall paper is meant to look.

After hitting the home button, closing YouTube. Update File 1. Update File 2. Some apps can't be uninstalled via the phone but might be able to be via a package uninstaller via the Playstore but be very careful as performing this can unstabilise the phone.

If you sent the bug report via the Samsung Members App then it will get to Samsung but it may take more time than usual for them to respond probably due to staffing levels due to the COVID pandemic. Personally I won't be using some of the new additions via the update myself but there not affecting the phone and if you wish these apps can be put in the new Super deep sleep option so they'll never run unless you open them and then when you close them they'll continue not to run in the background when put in super deep sleep.

And if I do press the YouTube icon to go to landscape and then go back to the homescreen my wallpaper still stays the same as the screen automatically rotates to portrait. My Wallpaper how it should look. My wallpaper after coming straight back to the Homescreen.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch. Samsung Galaxy Buds. Thank you for getting back to me over the issues I've been having with the latest Samsung update. Your reply was very informative, and deeply appreciated. It does answer questions I've had regarding 'new' apps appearing in my apps list previously renamed. Not been a fan of AR apps or Bixby, so I may actually take up your suggestion to install a package uninstaller via the PlayStore at my own risk, obviously.

I've been using that with apps that I don't want running in the background. I generally kept on top of things, even before the update, and sorted through my apps into apps I want running, apps I don't mind running Standbyand apps I definitely do not want running.

Doing this on apps such as Bixby Routine and Shazam I did notice disabled their retrospective options on the Quick Tool Settings in the notification bar, so I reverted them into my Standby list.

Just something I noticed, although not uninstaller, I understand completely when you say 'be very careful as performing this can unstabilise the phone. I have reported the bug via the Samsung Member App but ended up receiving a generic message shortly afterwards. My autorotate setting in my notifications menu is constantly on Portrait. I've force stopped and deleted Data and Cache from the YouTube app. After opening it, and watching a clip using the fullscreen option on the app itself not the OS popup icon after exitting the app, my wallpaper doesn't come out right.

You might have to open and close YouTube on fullscreen and exit it as I have below. Nevertheless, I appreciate and thank you for the time you've spent helping me out.The One UI is super smooththe launcher is fluid as a baby's bottom.

More importantly, the S Pen comes loaded with features. And well, let's not talk about the nifty video enhancer and the convenient screen recorder. But at the end of the day, no phone is perfect. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is no different. It has a few shortcomings, and that's when third-party apps come into the picture.

It lacks a feature-rich image editor or a multi-functional video player. If you're someone who is looking to maximize the potential of their new Galaxy Note 10, have a look at these must-have Android apps. Whether it's the wide-angle shots or the detailed HDR photos, it goes without doubt that the Galaxy Note 10 can capture amazing photos.

But as we all know, a photo isn't complete without a generous bit of post-processing. Snapseed is one of the best apps to do justice to Note 10's camera. From adding drama or grunge to editing RAW images, this app is capable of doing it all.

The tool-set is vast, and it doesn't take long to transform a photo. One of the best tools of Snapseed is Selective. Using it, you can modify the brightness, contrast, or saturation of a particular area of the image. More importantly, if you happen to shot in the RAW mode, it'll automatically detect it and suggest the appropriate tools.

In a nutshell, if you haven't tried Snapseed before, now is the best time to try its many filters and settings! The default Samsung keyboard is great. It's smooth and gets the work done. Plus, the fluid animations are the cherry on top. But, the strength of a keyboard is determined by its ability to predict words and phrases correctly.

If you are looking for a smarter keyboard with autocorrectgesture typing, and accurate predictions for faster input, SwiftKey is the app for you. Plus, you can also add multiple languages to the keyboard, thus making it great for bilingual folks. If you're not aware, the Samsung keyboard displays a handwriting pad as soon as you pull out the stylus. And the best thing is that the keyboard is quite good in converting your handwriting into text. If the above is a feature which you do not use often, Swiftkey is one of the apt replacement for the Samsung keyboard.

Looking for a replacement for the stock media player? If yes, you must certainly give the KM Player a shot. It supports almost all the popular media formats - something that is usually not supported by stock players.

Plus, it lets you play 4K HDR videos without any hiccups. Apart from that, it supports videos and subtitles in almost all formats.But to use the device to its full potential, you need apps that make the best use out of Note Although there are plenty of features preloaded on the Phone such as the S-Pen remote, on-screen notes, doodling, etc. These apps do offer exclusive features but there is so much more than we can do with the apps in this list.

So, here are some of the best apps for Galaxy Note 10 which enhances your Galaxy experience. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a scribbling app that packs some of the basic tools like a pencil, a paintbrush, an eraser, etc. However, Sketchbook is a drawing and coloring app for professional artistsI can also use it to draw impressive art hah. Sketchbook has a variety of tools and instruments which replicate the strokes almost identical to the real thing.

It has rulers, layers, color bucket, etc. Note 10 is a great phone for quick note-taking but the inbuilt note app does not offer many features. This is where Squid comes in. Squid is a note-taking app that allows you to create notes, edit and modify PDFs. You can also choose from a list of templates ranging from standard notebook layout, graph, to music sheets and create your personal notebook. Thankfully, you can remap the button to something other than Bixby.

For instance, you can control media, launch Google Assistant, and much more. The button would launch different apps depending on if the phone is locked or unlocked. Also, you can map the volume buttons just like the Bixby button on this app. Note Buddy is an app which automates your S-Pen removal action and Headset removal action. The app detects if the S-Pen has been removed and based on that it invokes an app. Have you ever accidentally played a loud video in the class and the volume bar decreases the ringer volume instead of media volume?

Samsung has created an app to solve this problem. Sound Assistant allows you to add a custom media volume bar for every app. In simple words, if your media volume goes from 0 at the silent mode to 10 at the highest volume. You can set level 3 as maximum volume for Instagram and 10 for the Spotify app. You can set scenarios as to how your phone would sound during work hours or nights. Also, you can play sounds from multiple apps simultaneously with this app and that is really impressive.

Enter Good lock, another underrated app from Samsung that does multiple things. It has four tabs apps, contacts, bookmarks, and wallpaper. You can add frequently used apps on the tab to access them quickly.

All of this is accessed from the lock screen, how cool is that? Note 9 is one of the few smartphones which gives you an option to save RAW files, you also need an app which supports RAW.Of course, keep in mind that there are many more applications but from our points of view these are the 9 best.

That said, they are very good and in fact, the Galaxy Note 10 works very well with them. How about? Did you just buy the Galaxy Note 10 Plus or Note 10? Already bought some accessories for your Note? Protect your phone with a quality Galaxy Note 10 case or Note 10 Plus case? We think now you need to download some essential Note 10 apps and games for your Galaxy Note Next, we bring you some of the best applications so that you can fully squeeze the stylus possibilities of your Galaxy Note.

galaxy note 10 apps

With this notebook on your smartphone, you can create all kinds of documents, you have at your disposal a variety of different functions.

Thanks to folders and synchronization between devices, you will not be able to lose anything. Download OneNote Android App. This is undoubtedly a complete layer editor that has many tools and if you are an expert in design, you can create excellent pieces and share them with all your friends.

In addition, it has 3 layers and 16 blending modes for any drawing that also has transformation tools and its interface is understandable and very good. Also, see the best wireless charging base for your Note 10 series. Download Auto SketchBook App. In addition, it is very simple to use and is ideal for taking notes, to blow your imagination and create amazing content. What else does it offer us? Do not think of this application as a digital notebook that does not have much more.

It also serves as a digital album in which you can express all your ideas with ink and paint in the photos you want. What do you expect to download it? Download Bamboo Paper App. The idea is that these documents can be signed or filled out the forms to send by email, which saves the job of printing them, wasting paper and having to look for a scanner. It is linked to cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, so it is not necessary to have the file saved on your smartphone.

Download DocuSign App. You can use your keyboard typing with the stylus everything you want to say, in a really simple way. Everything you do with the S Pen will be transcribed! Google Handwriting Input transforms scribbles into text in languages and it works with many Android apps. It also supports emojis, along with printed and cursive writing when using an S Pen, another stylus, or your finger.

Download Google Handwriting App. What does this new application offer us?

galaxy note 10 apps

You can use it with the stylus or with your finger, since it only requires a digital keyboard to work, its interface is quite good and very similar to a digital notebook and offers the following functions or tools. In addition, Squid is completely vector-based, which means you can change the size of notes and scribbles without compromising image quality.

Download Squid App.If you have a Windows PC or laptop, there are a few special integrations baked into the phone that allow you to see notifications and respond to texts without having to pick it up. You do not need to download or install a new app on your Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plusbut you will need to install an app on your Windows laptop or PC.

First, go to the Microsoft Store app you can search for it in the taskbar by tapping on the Cortana icon. In the store, search for Your Phone and tap on Get when you find the app from Microsoft. You may need to sign in with your Microsoft ID. The app will ask you to choose between Android and iPhone — choose the former and then move to the next step of checking your phone to set up the connection.

The two devices should quickly pair after you allow the connection on the phone. Click each tab and follow the on-screen instructions to make sure everything is set up, and that the app has been permitted access to receive this data from your Note phone.

The Photos tab shows you recent photos captured on the Note 10 or Note 10 Plus up to 25 photosthe Messages tab shows your texts, and the Notifications tab shows all the present notifications on your phone screen.

Getting spammed with notifications on Windows? But the Note 10 range has an extra feature not available in the standard Your Phone app — Phone Screen.

This lets you mirror your phone screen to the Your Phone app and use your mouse cursor to control the phone. What a time to be alive.

Now you should see your phone screen pop up; just use your mouse to click and drag and swipe around to navigate the phone screen. You can even wake your phone up just by tapping on the standby screen. If you open an app and need to type something, you can easily just use the keyboard attached to your laptop or PC.

Phone Screen is still in beta, so it may feel a little rough around the edges. How to set up Xbox Game Streaming and play games on your phone 17 hours ago.

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