Bnha x dying male reader

Originally posted by theladystrikesagain. Concept: After getting in trouble with Aizawa, he decides to punish class 1-A.

You just like to bug people for no reason! You tried to focus in your room to study but the yelling became louder making it irritating for you to continue. Finally having enough you got up from the chair and walked out towards the common area. Finding your peace and calm you took a deep breath and used your quirk, a small shot of glue grew on your hand. You threw it at both their mouths making them not being able to speak.

The more you anger him more yells are going to be heard. Monoma smirked nodding, which in return caused him to get angrier, even though words were not said you were pretty sure he was cursing him out. Bakugou started the whole thing! Class B will be taking care of a different room, as well as Class A.

Everyone stared in amazement over how Kendo could take him down with one hit. That way we can cover more material. It was too adorable for them. It was the next day and you never thought that you would end up babysitting teachers, kids. When everyone arrived Izuku had been the one to open the door, inside the room, there were 6 kids all around maybe 1 to 2 years old at least. They were playing around when all of a sudden they turned around. Their eyes went wide and immediately hid behind the guy that usually took care of them.

They showed fear making you sad but the guy smiled feeling relieved that your presence was right there. They like to go outside in the mornings for a walk to get some fresh air, take them if they want to go. With that the teacher was off, the 6 little kids were left staring at you guys. Half of the other class was given other things to do. Aia was being carried by Ochako and Mina, they were playing hide and seek.

Daiki and Denki were with Izuku and Iida, Kaminari was with them as well. Sero had joined Bakugou and Makoto. Ojiro was playing with Mio they looked adorable, she was on his tail and he lifts her up gently each time to make her giggle. His cheeks went pink seeing you were watching them, smiling you gave him a thumbs up.

The only one left was Haku who was by the corner reading. It was interesting to see that he was quieter than the others. Placing your bag on the hanger you walked over, tucking your skirt in before sitting down next to him.

Haku nodded, he lifted the book pointing it towards you. Haku then climbed on to your lap making you chuckle, you placed the book a bit forward so he could see the drawings. Todoroki looked around not really sure how to connect with kids, his eyes then found you. A small smile crept up on to his face as he saw you reading a book to the child.You decided to take a shower when you get back to the dorms. When you reach the dorms you grab your stuff for a shower.

Finally, you had enough and went home to the dorms. A few minutes after you got back, you got a text from Bakugou. I was going to text you when I got back. But anyhow, Bakugou went straight up to your room. Without knocking he enters your room to see you just in your panties. He stopped right in his tracks.

Bakugou just stood there staring at your body. Another day of hard work went by. Being a Pro took a lot out of you, but it was always nice to save people. After a grueling day of saving people and fighting villains, you wanted to change into some comfy pajamas. You just hand on your underwear when he walked in. The search ended when you spot him in the corner. As you walk forward, someone else came into view.

A girl. But she was definitely pretty. He picked it up, from what he could tell, it was a boy. Thank you for taking care of Carlos! I thought I really lost him there! They stared intently at each other for a moment, before realizing they were looking at each other without saying anything.

They blush and turn away from each other. That was three years ago. My friends are out there, risking their lives to save others. And you want me to just stand back!?

bnha x dying male reader

Tears started to prick your eyes as you tried to stay calm. What if my friends die!? All Might reached out to you as you left. You were the light of his life. He just wanted to protect you. As you stormed out, your thoughts were scrambling together. You wipe away a tear and headed out to the front lines. Your body was sprawled across the sidewalk.

bnha x dying male reader

Belly down and crawling, trying to get somewhere. You really thought of him as your father.

Bakugou x Listener ASMR - Cold Shoulder [Boku no Hero Academia Fanfiction Reading] Fluff

He took care of you, and you refused that just an hour ago.Wife doing their daughter's curly hair? I really love that you write for POC!! It's sometimes hard to feel included in some self inserts.

Profiles Previous Next Masterlist. Series Masterlist. In one night? What is this tomfoolery?

bnha x dying male reader

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Any chance you could please write a female! He loses it at him but she calms him down? Originally posted by aishitetsuro. Next thing you knew you were outside doing a team assignment with the rest of your class. Bakugou stayed silent, glaring at him. We got paired up!

Midoriya and Kaminari. You quickly moved, using your quirk to force the tape to break. He shook his head, his hair practically standing on end.

You okay?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You give in yet? He sighed, shaking his head. Midoriya naturally took a step back cautiously, expecting to be attacked. The training exercise continued, taking up the rest of class.

Right after her injury? Do you know if he likes you back?

bakugou x reader

Go and get him! At last the final bell rang Aizawa being the first to leave prompting you to get up from your seat and follow Bakugou who had already left the class. Wait up! He stayed quiet, still glaring at the electric boy. Not gonna lie, I got carried away with this one- Bakugou is just a lot of fun to write for. My eyes are glued to the redhead in front of me.

His eyes are squinted while being held up by his grin. Not to mention how his uniform is clinging to his sticky skin. Keep reading. Originally posted by deku-smash.

He supported it as both your hobby and job. He loved coming home from a rough day of being a hero, and getting a whiff of the delectable smell of pastries.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It is a half brother Bakugo and half sister you lemon to be more specific. And it will be explicit! Now all that's left is to enjoy! Thanks for taking the time to read this This is basically a big dump of fluff, angst, headcanons, and all around cute and adorable things with all our wonderful boys and girls in My Hero Academia. Happy reading! Groomed into the perfect idol ever since your quirk manifested, your entire world is turned upside down when a villain attacks a variety show you happen to be a guest on.

Afterwords, your path that had once been so rigid and clear splinters off into so many options that its almost overwhelming.

One-shots and Smuts of all your favorite characters! Ranging from Class 1-A! The teachers! And More! Im always up for requests and suggestions so hit me up if you have an idea or want a story!

What happens when you and your hotheaded boyfriend make a mistake you handed it the only way you thought would be easiest on the both of you? How are you going to know, you were a teenager. Teenagers make mistakes! While everyone in Class 1-A is striving to become the best hero, all you want to do is hang out with your plants.

Nobody understands why you don't reach for the top with a quirk as powerful as yours. But it's alright. You'll be a hero in your own way.It was your day off from your normal hero work. You and your girlfriend, Yaoyorozu both were going to be home for the weekend.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It was a well-deserved break. On your way home from your agency you had to grab some snacks for a movie night you and Yaoyorozu planned. You walked around the house when you hear something coming from the bedroom.

You opened the door slowly to reveal Yaoyorozu sitting on the bed, legs wide open. Her hand was touching her most private of parts. Yaoyorozu let out a small moan. She tried to cover her mouth to stop moans from escaping her lips, but you grabbed her arm with your other hand. Inside the box was a dildo vibrator. You pulled it out and walked, slowly, back to the bed. You set the vibrator aside and finished taking off the rest of your clothes.

You sit on the bed and spread your legs, you grabbed the vibrator and inserted it into your tight hole. Yaoyorozu was shifting around, she knew that if she touched herself that the punishment would be worse. You stopped the vibrator and pulled it out, your hands grabbed her and pulled them over her head. I told you not to touch yourself, and what do you do?

You touch yourself. The search ended when you spot him in the corner. As you walk forward, someone else came into view. A girl. But she was definitely pretty. He picked it up, from what he could tell, it was a boy.

Thank you for taking care of Carlos! I thought I really lost him there!She walked over to your bed, and held her hand to your forehead. You had come down with the flu, and of course, Momo had insisted she would nurse you back to health. She placed the cool washcloth on your head, and began preparing some of the cold medicine.

She made sure the dose was exactly what they needed to be before handing it to you. You grabbed it thankfully, and slowly drank the water to chase the cough syrup down. You started to drift back asleep, and Momo stayed by your side the entire time. She would change the washcloth, making sure it was cool everytime. Momo would wake you up to eat some soup, and then laid with you until you fell back asleep.

You would wake up a day later, feeling a lot better than the day before.

homestuck x male reader

Momo was happy that her boyfriend was finally getting better. She had missed training and studying with you. Thank you for taking care of me. It seemed the fever had finally gone down, which made her smile more. Keep reading. Originally posted by neo-nectar. He would enjoy hanging out with you, but also assess you at the same time because he wants to make sure his lil bro is being safe with his choices. It was cute seeing her Shoto next to someone so tall. Endeavor would see you as good enough but would ignore you for the most part.

Hope you enjoy, anons! I combined the request of the characters who would like a tall! Originally posted by tanchirou. You and Mina walked down the road back towards U. You had both had a good date at a cafe nearby, but it was getting dark so you both needed to get back to the dorms.

Mina was hugging your arm as you walked, rambling about her newest idea for one of her acid techniques. You preferred staying in the dorms, not enjoying being around people that much. Funny how quiet you were, yet you were dating the most bubbly girl you had ever known. Mina had stopped rambling, meaning she had heard what the idiots had said. Look at her eyes! Her horns look weird too! You turned your head to look at them, growing irritated.

How could anyone look at her without being disgusted?Originally posted by bokutou. All weekend sex with a cutie like you that just had the innate need to look after them? Got cooking and washed and catered to?

You knew it, and hell, if they wanted to wine and dine you, take you out and gift you, who were you to say no? It was their choice who they spent their money and time on, after all, and you did prompt them to do it, they just did. If they wanted to do the exchange for potential sex, you felt it said a lot more about them than it did about you simply accepting what they gave. Hell, they knew other men did the same in trying to get into your pants, brokering a sort of challenge in them.

However, there was one man you wanted, and it was Aizawa Shouta. Keep reading. Do people wanna see it? So rather than something out of fiction, this is something that actually happened to me. Idk, but I hope that I was able to properly convey the pain that I felt. It hurt you.

You tried asking for his reasons; if there was some underlying cause that made him think the best way of action was to end things with you, you were sure you would be able to overcome any problems he perceived you had, so long as he loved you. But when you heard him answer that he thought that was he was feeling was more akin to friendship than love, all the things you were preparing to say to him, to try and convince him otherwise, left you.

bnha x dying male reader

After all, how were you supposed to counter a statement like that. The lease of his old place had run out a few months prior and, with some space to spare, you had offered him to move in together with you, which he did. The evening you two broke up, he had said that he would find his own place to live as soon as possible but still, things like that took their time. This is so exciting! He rolled his eyes but did nothing to stop you.

You altered in picking date activities, that was the rule that you set early on in your relationship. Secretly, he wished that he had more time to do things you like too but it did very little to erase the annoyance he had towards how little there was to do in the museum you had so eagerly dragged him to.

He thought, tilting his head as you stared at a gigantic oil painting but all he could focus on was what was the tiny creature in the back that was supposed to be a dog. Yeah, no, it looked nothing like the real deal. Had the painter never seen a dog in their lifetime before? He was about to make some comment on his confusion to you when he turned around to see you being absolutely awestruck, and suddenly all the words that were right by the tip of his tongue would not come out.

Your brows were furrowed together as you flipped through the guidebook, your eyes flicking from the small fonts to the painting repeatedly.

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